What gain to expect from removing air intake resonator?

I was just curious to see if anyone knew a rough figure as far as hp gain when removing the air intake resonator. Is it more for throttle response, or does it give something in the neighborhood of 2-3 hp?


0.1 hp. You mostly gain noise.

thats RICE!!!

main reason that I’m asking, is I bought the car a little over 2 weeks ago, and 2 of the bolts are missing and the resonator is cracked. Rather than track one down, if it isn’t going to hurt the car by taking it off, I’d rather do that. If there was a gain to be had it would just be an added bonus.

I’ve got the front bumper off as we speak (taking off passenger fender to remove dent)

I don’t see how removing a stock part is rice. Adding a fart can would be rice.

just take it off then, but don’t be going all racing because of the sound you’ll get :lol:

I took mine out a few weeks back. You gain nothing. The noise is very noticible though if you give it gas. Thing is pretty huge. Plus in doing so you can run a cold air intake. There’s a teg-tip on this with responses saying no gain and what not.

Ah well, no gain is no biggie, more optimism on my part than anything else.
Eventually I will be running a cold air intake. Right now I’m just going through the car and fixing what I can until the warm weather hits (I need to do the typical honda rust work). I bought the car with no service records, so I’m going to err on the side of caution, and replace any maintenance items that I can (fuel filter, plugs, wires, etc)

Oh man, the car sounds noisy as it is. The guy that had it before me installed a flowmaster 40 series muffler on the car. Not used to hearing that sound from a 4 cylinder. Hell I’m not even sure what to think of it (I’m used to having a V8 with a flowmaster). The car has 3 inch pipe from the cat to the muffler and 3 1/2 inch pipe from the muffler to the back of the car. Isn’t that just a little bit of overkill for an NA B18?:shock:

if u plan on going with an intake system later then just take it off. yes it will get a bit louder tho but since u’ll already be down in there, it would save u some time later down the road when putting like a CAI.

wow… thats got lil back pressure then =/

Yeah I honestly don’t know what the guy was thinking. I never thought I’d find myself having to take a car to a muffler shop to downsize the exhaust diameter.:shrug:

Here goes a cool mod, leave the resonator in but cut the front half off the box off so it acts as a cold air intake scooping up the air from behind the bumper. also won’t have to worry about water in the engine since the filter will still be in the stock box in the engine bay.

^I’ve done that and remove the resonator in my old DA…the noise is noticeable but it’s not like, that bad at all. Just a deeper tone at some points. And whoever called it rice is an idiot, considering you’d have to remove it anyway for a CAI.

I cut the front off of my resonator, but right now I’m in the process of installing a cold air intake. I wanted to put the filter inside of the resonator, but it’s to small. I’m gonna have to cut out some of the resonator.
Only reason I’m keeping it is because the bottom of my splash gaurd is ripped.

As for your car, I’d just take off the broken resonator and get a good air filter.

not to bash a thread or anything but if it was going to give you 2-3 hp, what do you plan on doing with all that power? lol i dont really get 2-3 hp as an added bonus when you might make 1/2 whp which you cant even feel anyway…:burnout: