What has been your favorite mod/s?

After owning my DB2 for about 4 years now I have modified/done alot of things to my car and I am starting to believe there is very little left other than a few things.

What I am attempting to accomplish with this post is to see what everyone’s favorite mods have been and maybe that’ll give me an idea of what to do next to mine.

obviously because this post will be about your favorite mods they can be anything cool/pointless/handling/stopping/power/etc. Thank You.

wheels bro… you can never have too many wheels. buy more wheels

haha I could get another set… wider for bigger radials

Paint job or type r motor. Hands down

I have been considering doing some body work and then getting some fresh paint, maybe I’ll have to follow through.

As far as a type-r motor goes I already have a built motor (sleeved, pistons/rods, valvetrain, etc)

I’d say installing a MOMO steering wheel, MOMO shift knob, “broadway” elongated rear view mirror, DC header, cat back exhaust with SPP muffler, K&N flat OEM filter, Fat fives rims, Three piece spoiler, Neuspeed race springs, KONI yellows, ES front and rear sway bar bushings. ummm thats about it.