What head will work well with a 90 GS block?

I’ve got vavle guide problems and think swapping out the head is my best bet. What head(s) will fit and work well with my block. I’ve got a 90 GS with only 113K miles so I think the block should be in fair condition. My cams are good, as with my cam gears, belts, and valve cover I guess. Can you get a cheaper head without cams? What head should I get? I’m only 16 and I’m on a very limited budget. What about VTEC? Thanks

mister, how do you know you have valve guide problems? Seems kinda weird for them to wear out so young, especially while everything else is good.


well, because we pulled off the vavle cover, replaced the valve stem seals, looked at the spark plugs and noticed that some of the vavle stems wiggled with the spring and retainers out.

Mr Black - You say only some of the valve stems wiggleyed and not others? Just out of curiosity, what’s the milage on that engine?

For what its worth (if you didna know it), the guide to stem clearance maximum on the intake valves is .16mm (.006 in) and for the exhaust its .22mm (.009 in). I dont’ know how noticable a wiggle that much clearance would cause, but it seems to me that if you’re valve guides are worn out beyond tolerence, then it’s time for a full head rebuild (your valve seats and valves will likely be all wacked up.

To get a head rebuilt professionally is rather expensive. I don’t see why you can’t find a '94+ non vtec integra head with low milage. Knock on some ls/vtec owners doors…


ps unfortunately, that vavle guide clearance check is done on the valve head side, with the vavle pulled 10mm out of the seat.

I’ve got 113K. I know it’s not that much, but i don’t how this car was driven before. Yeah I figure getting a new head would be better than repairing the old one. Thanx

hey you know what, It is fine if they wiggle, because they are suppose to wiggle with the tolerance that they have, anyhow it must be something else. did you hear something?

save your time and just swap it out with a 94+ ls head from a junkyard. you will gain an extra 10hp while your at it

wouldn’t be too quick to say a '94+ head swap would net a 10hp gain. The entra power in the '94’s is due to more than just a tweaked head.

My only further advice is, don’t swap off your existing head unless you’re certain its cooked, Mr. Black. Especially considering you’ve put a bit of work and money into it (like the new valve seals you mentioned).


Yeah I was planning on just using heavier motor oil on this head for a while and maybe swap one this summer