What intake manifold is this?????HELP

I have a 93 civic hb and i just did a 93 integra LS (reason i posted on integra site) swap and I think i have a vacuum leak because the throttle body on my intake manifold is not the right one. so i need to find out what intake manifold this is so i can buy the right throttle body to fix the problem. reason i think it is the wrong throttle body is because it does not fit correctly. this intake manifold is very different than normal LS intake manifolds, many of the holes or ports whatever u want to call them seem to be closed off not by a person but done at the factory.

does this look about right?


looks like a 90-91 B18A IM. does it have a number,such as PR4, cast into it somewhere?

nope mine has the air boost valve ect. closed off … i was thinkin maybe i have a 92-93 JDM IM