what is better?!?!?!?

i want to know b4 i make my final decision on my engine. ls/vetch or b16a? i have read the debate on b18a vs. b16a and that has got me rethinking if i want to go with the b16a. i have a 90’ GS with 181k on it give or take and now it is time to do something with my engine, but there are too many damn decisions to make as far as it goes with engines. so here is my ? to all of u who has done this to their engine swap or ls/vetch, do u like it, would u suggest it to another person to do and if u know what your hp/torque at the wheel? if u guys out there can help me i would appreciate it

----thanx all

I have not yet done it but have the head just waiting to get more parts. From what i’ve studied and learned both are good choices if done right. I am going with the Ls/vtec thou. I feel that it will take less cash to get more power out of the ls/vtec. My plans are to increase compression to 10.6:1, which should add about 10-11hp. Civic Si head, Skunk2 intake, Ctr cams, cam gears, Itr valve springs and retainers, shotpeen rods, arp rod bolts, gsr oil pump and chip ecu. Im guessing that I should get between 180 and 190 wheel hp with this setup. I also plan on not abusing the rpm’s. I know it will be hard but this is the weak link of the ls/vtec. If you want to rev to 9k then go with the B16 block.