what is the best cam to get

what would be the best cam set up for a ls motor with a 5 angle valve job port and polished head and intake manifold with jdm civic type r pistions aem cam gears, fuel rail,and fuel pressure regualter. i know i will have to get a new value train with the cams so what will be the best to get i need help with this i have no clue what cams to get

i dont know but i love the ITR’s there may be better ones out there like the skunk racing stage 2’s or the crane’s!! i would go for the ITR since its a honda part!!

Your telling him to put Type R cams into an LS motor eh ??

Nice work buddy !!! Your just full of good info–

You should just do a search bro-- there is a lot of topics about JG-Crowers-Crane-Colt cams etc…

There are quite a few topics floating around about which to go with for each application…

slap me silly bro!! im an idiot!! i have an ls with a b16a and i want to get ITR’s thats why i said that!! dude disregard my suggestion ASAP

ps im still an idiot!!:open_mouth:

LOL funny stuff guys, but since you have the head work done already, I would personally go with crower 404’s I’ve seen some great gains with those cams, plus you get to rev to 8k :burnout:

please search; u will get a lot of info regarding this issue.