what is the easiest way to put in a motor?

k, so i am almost done rebuilding my engine so i am wondering what the easiest method is to put my motor back in… i dropped it out the bottom when i removed it and that was kinda a pain in the ass, so i dont think that it would be very easy to put it back in that way… so if u have experience w/ this let me know which is easiest and about how long i can expect it to take, thanx.

Cherry picker. It’s a motor hoist, that lifts the motor off the ground and supports it until you get all the motor mounts and bellhousing bolts into place. Definitely a worthwhile investment for anyone who plans on swapping motors.

To add to that. A leveler for the hoist. Lets you angle the engine which you need to do.

From the bottom is easier than from the top, if you have the ability to lift the car up high enough to slide the engine under. A leveler will make the job easier.

If you are planning on dropping the engine from the top, I recomend removing the crank pulley. It will give you an extra few inches of clearance.

take the old one out…LOL j/k