what is the problem

I pulled my car out of my garage and I usually
let it run for a couple of minutes… well as soon as I got
out of the car to close the garage my car shut off…
I went back to it and started it again and it died on me again.
Does anyone know what the problem could be?? I think
it might be the spark plugs I haven’t gotten
those replaced in awhile and I don’t think it could be anything else… I was
just wondering if that usually happends when u need new ones… thanx


P.S. If I give it gas it while the car is on it stays
alive longer.

possibly ignitor… that’s what mine did

fuel filter probally…change it if you havent for a while

Stevie D-
sorry bout posting those twice… I posted one of them in the wrong spot the first time so I thought it got deleted that is why I reposted this.
How much does it cost to change the fuel filter; and where is that? Should I just try to take it up to Acura?? I don’t know
if I can even drive the car to the top of my street, it could die on me.

there 15-25…I’ll take a pic later tonight and show you what it is

i bought the fuel filter and am about to go put it in
and check if that was the problem. thanks for all the help