what is this part

on a 90 GS, came from under a black box located on firewall, behind the ABS junk.

this GS had an auto-manual swap, and I’ve never seen this particular part on an integra before, what is it, and what do I do about it.

installing a regular 5-speed B18A1 into the auto-manual shell, and how is it going to effect the car, basically if I install the motor like i know how, this part won’t be used, but it is some sort of sensor for the ECU, need a little info.

I’m currently in the middle of an auto-manual conversion and a friend of mine said it was something related to the automatic transmission and is no longer neccessary. I don’t really have any more info than that. :slight_smile:

It is called the control box it has the fast idle control solenoid valve on left in pic , egr control solenoid valve in middle of pic the flat round thing is the constant vacuun control valve under it is the air chamber (white in color with green cap). and there is a air filter in there also back of pic.

will the car run fine without it, with the vacuum routed the way it is on a manual with the release valves/vents on the other side?.. now that I think about it the car won’t even have EGR so it’s not and issue I would assume with a manual ecu.