what is wrong with my car!

my 90 gs isn’t starting! the check engine light is on, along with the oil light and battery light. usually the check engine light would come on, then go off a few moments later and it would start fine. now the light is on and staying on.
the engine cranks but just won’t turn over. earlier today i noticed the oil light was on so i added 1/2 pint of oil and now it won’t start. the battery light shows up every now and then but just for a moment. i don’t have a manual so i don’t know what any of these lights mean. if anyone can offer me some advice i will be forever in your debt.

Is it hot outside? if yes, it’s mainly your Main Fuel Relay… mine did the same thing, check engine light no going off… Go out and listen carefully as you put the key to the ON position, you should hear the fuel pump run, if not, it’s probably your main fuel relay… You can try to tap it a little… it’s under the dash, a quite big black/brown box… also check you fuse #24 in the kick panel, but I doubt it’s that cause when she goes bad, the battery light doesn’t light up.


thank you very, very much for the tip! i’ll go try it and give you the results.

I’m going out as of right now and be back in like 4-5 hours… But you can do a seach on “Main Fuel Relay”, I posted a lot of info about this lately…

BTW, I’m almost 100% sure this is your problem… The exact same thing happened to me before I replaced mine…

The relay number is RZ-0067… but a RZ-0063 will also work… (the RZ-0067 has been replaced with the RZ-0063)