What Milage To Avoid

I’m wondering what milage Tegs should be avoiding when buying one? What’s to high? I know that my next Teg will have at least 150k on it.

Anything over 80k :slight_smile: Actually, as you know, it all depends on the car and how it was taken care of. A car with 220,000 miles can be in much better shape than one with 120,000 miles. Next car I buy won’t have more than 70 or 80k on it.


I’d get a compression test and a mechanic to look over the car because mileage can always be changed.

The motor will most likely outlast the body and suspension…so for that reason I’d also try not buy a G2 with over 80K miles.

90integraGS have you seen cars from Ontario they like their streets salty:D
I’d still go to a mechanic whatever the KMs. I bought mine with 123k KM. It had power to redline when I test drove and I didn’t see any black or blue smoke when the car was started or when the gas pressed so I just had a mechanic do a pre purchase check.

well I would’nt consider buying a car with over 80 or 90k miles on it especially if it is a 90-93 when i bought my teg it had 63k on it and it is a 91 gs so it all depends on who had it before and how well the maintenece is on it

bought mine with 255k

RE: What Milage To Avoid

I just purchased my '90 LS from the 2nd owner with 161K on it. I was reluctant until the owner took a bag out of the glove box that had every reciept on the car from about '93. They and and original owner had kept every reciept, even oil changes. In the last two years, new radiator, clutch, front wheel bearings, axles, front and rear rotors… lots of stuff. The car runs great all the way to redline and does not burn oil. I love it. and I only paid $875 for it…:slight_smile: