what mods will take me 165 hp w/92 motor

what mods do you all think will help me make twenty more horsepower. i was thinking of b16 but i thought that if i mod my car to make 165or a little more at 5800or 6900 rpmso i wont have to wait for vtec.
then is it possilble to mate a b16 tranny so i can take out all the gsr and si with the torque ill gain and better gear ratiosthen an ls. with the mods. cause i ll make power quicker and at a lower rpm than wait for the vtec. i like vtec but to me it makes more sense to do this instead. any recommedations. plus ill have light weight rims. i just want a competitive car through college.:stuck_out_tongue:

My LS bottom end and ITR head w/ ITR cams puts down 170 whp.