What Next?!?!

ok heres the deal. ive got a 90 LS with HP Racing headers, AEM cold air intake, tenzo R short shifter, skunk2 intake manifold, 95 gsr throttle body, Msd plug wires, and i dunno what to do next!
ok ive got 600 now and am coming into another 450 in a week or 2. now i want a bod kit or some rims for looks but a part of me wants to be faster. running 10.4 in a the 1/8 pdissapoints me and i need more power. what should i do next with about 1k and will give me a noticable power gain??:shrug:

VTEC head :cool:


Um, exhaust maybe?

Yep, exhuast, and cat. Also I hope you know what that intake manifold is doing to your power band location. The diameter of the intake runners ultimatly dictates where your peak torque is and subsequently how fast your car accelerates. You seem to be “lego building” as they put it with no real thought on power band location…only peak power. To make the most out of your intake manifold, you need cams with bigger profiles (that actauly need the better breathinig up top…our LS cams are wimpy). I have 404’s on a stock intake manifold, and it works fine for where I want the power. So, unless your drag racing ALL THE TIME, and dont have to deal with shifting under 5k, you need to get cams, or get rid of the intake manifold and save it for later.


yea i forgot to mentin exhaust. sorry i got that. but thannks on the tip about the intae manifold. so i should get a cam with bigger lobes? do you have a site that has your cams in it? can you post it? thanks for your help

save up more and buy a b18b
vtec yeayer