what oil for low milage B18B?

I was wondering what oil I should use with a B18B with 26K on it? I have been using this quaker state high mileage stuff that I stil have a case left of but I assume I shouldnt use that for my new motor. I was thinking maybe running synthetic, would that be wise? Or should I just stick with regular oil? Any reccomendations would be great.

BTW this isnt a race car or anything, just a daily driver that will get the oil changed every 3K and only see normal driving conditions. And I’m not in Arizona anymore so I dont have to worry about high heat, I’m in Montana now.

I use 10w-30 (on a rebuilt motor) but for you it depends on the climate and all that good stuff.

ide run castrol syntec blend 10w/30. wonderful oil. my car has 115k and there was no sludge… lol sludge

try the one listed in the manual? :slight_smile:

I run Royal Purple 10w-30, or Mobil 1 Full Synthetic 10w-30 in my car.

I know what weight to use funny guy. :bored:

I was wondering what would be a good brand and type to start running in a lower mileage motor. Like I said all Ive ever used is conventional oil and recently switched over to a higher mileage version to slow down oil loss in a 200K motor. But now my new motor only has 26K so what would be good to start running in it? Should I use synthetic or conventional oil? What brands are reccomended?

haha sorry i was just joking around…

i’ve always used Valvoline. Conventional oil should be fine for daily driving, and 3k is really too often to change oil. Conventional oil can go to at least 5k, synthetic 7k. (even though for bmw, they recommend 15k :think:…and lifetime transmission oil that never needs changing? um…)

if you go synthetic i’d say Castrol or Royal Purple…German makes love those brands

just because your engine is ‘low mileage’…doesnt mean it needs ‘special’ oil. come on now…just use Castrol 10w-30 anti- sludge and your good to go. i dunno what eveyone else here use…bue i use Castrol, and it never let me down before.

oil is oil as far as i am concerned aslong as you keep it full and clean
i use mobil 1 synthetic in my 91 but i use that bulk shit from my work in the rest of my cars