What parts from a 98 engine can i put on my 90?

My brother in law has a 98 ls and he blew the head gasket but also has bad rings so he is just getting a long block and swapping it. I was wondering if i can just swap over cams or IM or exhaust manifold, or even get the head resurfaced and swap it with mine. He doesnt have any plans for it so i can have what i need off of it. just want to know what will be worth switching. Mine has 218k but still runs strong, his had about 175k on it. thanks

If your car still runs strong, I would just keep it as it is.
It’s alot of time to put into your car and you will only have a small increase(if any) of performance.

But, if you are dead set on swapping stuff, pretty much anything will swap over just fine. However, these will NOT swap over (off the top of my head):

  • OBD specific items [LIST]
  • alternator
  • distributor
  • injectors
  • Fuel rail has different angle fitting (you can make it fit, but requires bending the hard line)
  • powers steering pump (different high pressure fitting)
  • transmission(cable vs. hydro)
  • clutch release bearing (clutch and pressure plate WILL swap fine however)
  • If you use the 98 driver side axle, you will need the 98 half-shaft as well. the 92 axle and halfshaft will also work. [/LIST]

    For the Electrical OBD specific items, you can simply repin the connectors and it will work fine. The entire head and block and it’s internals will swap over fine. Most of the sensors will also work, but you will have to extend the map wires if you are going to use the intakemanifold + throttle body from the 98.