what rails/bracket let me use auto belts?! 90 GS

hey guys im looking to get some seats for my DA but i am unsure what to look for, bracket wise, to ensure my auto belts will bolt up and stay intact, i cant afford to spend all this money and not be able to use my belts. ive found a set of Wedge Engineering/Sparco seat brackets with F1 spec universal side mounts from a buddy of mine, and some F1 seats from another, but i dont want to spend the money on all this and have to buy harness’ after that. anyone know for sure if these belts will fit on those seat brackets? worst case is i am going to pick up a set of 90 93 gsr seats in black, but i wouldnt mind having some bucket seats as well. Please and thanks for your help guys! 4436860137 if you know for sure, shoot me a text and chat with me there, i might not be able to get back on here as often as id like to.


I recently installed Recar seats in my car from an Evo8. I went to Wedge Engineering and they made me some brackets that alow you to have the OEM seat belts . . .

Wedge and Sparco both have provisions for the auto belts.