What rims are these?

So before I knew much about, cars even less about the DA about two years ago. I bought these rims being told they where CRX saw blades. The are obviously not, I have been told that these where limited edition Integra rims I am positive there are some kind of Honda wheels. But I am still not sure what they are thought maybe you guys would know, hopefully.

Thanks for any info

Look like stock 90-91 DA wheels to me, without caps.


haha I feel dumb now I have never seen them before oddly enough, everyone has after market stuff.

Ditto thew above, stock 90-91 Integra rims… http://www.finishlinewheels.com/ACURA/INTEGRA/1990/A-71639R10/ 94

They also are very similiar to the wheels like I have on my 89 prelude 2.0 si 4WS just like this guys here