what should i do?

im about to purchase a 91 integra ls 4dr 5speed. ill end up having about 1500 to work with now and a little more later. fir now i was thinking of:

b16a tranny $500
skunk2 or gc or hr coils on kyb agx’s $500
dc header $200
exaust $200
intake $100

ill do the work my self and ill also get a set of gsr wheels for cheep. i was also looking at getting a b20b with the b16a tranny. what do you guys think? and if any one has any of these parts for sale let me know.

I would hold off on the b16a tranny. I easily spent $1500 on my suspension alone. Rims, tires, springs, shocks, camber kits, sway bars. And it wasn’t until I had bought and installed all those that I started doing bolt ons to the engine(except for the cheap, used intake I got) and I am happy with the way I did it. I’m not saying that’s the way everyone should do it but there’s no reason to swap out a perfectly fine tranny when the only performance mods are i/h/e. I think you would be much happier with a set of nice tires. Not to mention a vtec tranny on an almost stock non-vtec engine is going to be a little off. On the highway you’ll be revving pretty high and it’ll get annoying especially with a $200 custom exhaust. Your top speed will be greatly reduced as well. It’s just not worth it when you can better spend the money on other things.

That’s just my 2 cents.