What should I get done next?

I have an auto 1990 RS. I have Injen cold air intake, Greddy MX catback exhaust, I was wondering what I should get next for good horsepower gain. I was thinking of getting a DC header…but, what do you all think?


Finish out the exhaust and do the header ) Then the other two mods you have on there will really be able to operate as they where intended.

Yea I was wondering how much would a shop charge to install a header? Anyone have it done before?

i dont think its hard it looks like a few screws, but btw how loud is ur greddy mx catback exhaust? is it deep?

Yea its a nice and deep, doesnt crackle like those cheap exhaust tips.

would you by any chance have sound clips of your car :slight_smile:

I don’t but was thinking of recording for fun. You looking to buy new exhaust?

yeah i am