what should i order?

I am going to have my timing belt replaced soon.
I want to know what other parts do i need to buy inorder to get prepared.

  1. timing belt
    2)…what else?

Last timing belt and water pump replacement was at 73000 miles. Its got 130000 miles now.

water pump

how many miles does the water pump have on it? I believe honda rates them at lasting 180,000 miles.

When I changed mine, I got a timing belt kit from my Acura dealer. It came with timing belt, timing belt tensioner, water pump, and all drive belts.

You will have to take off all your drive belts, so you should just replace them at the same time, unless they are fairly new. I would reccomend the tensioner, I think it’s like $40, but if that locks up, it will be just as bad as if your timing belt broke.

You can also buy the cam seals, and oil pump seal. That way if they are leaking you can replace them fairly easily, but if they aren’t leaking just leave them alone.