what size are stock headers? 91 teg


stock header output is a 2.25" at the collector.

if you are looking to replace it ( seeing you are in cali) you need to get a CARB approved header which limits you to the DC Sports header for street, Or the Pacesetter header. you cannot go larger that 2 1/4 " on any street legal exhaust mani application in Cali… If you are going to track this car and reg it as an OHV then you can do pretty much whatever you want.

It’s not that it’s illegal to be larger than 2.25", there just isn’t a 2.5" header that comes with a CARB EO# valid for DA’s. Which is stupid, because none of this stuff even effects how clean the engine runs.

I wholeheartedly agree with you there Colin… Logic would dictate as long as it connects top a catalytic converter and pumps “Clean” Exhaust it should be irrelavent, but good ol Cali gottta have their hand in the pot somehow.

If you ask me they won’t be happy till we are all on the bus or driving Priuses… LOl

that or scooters.

Scooters likely pollute more, although they get better gas mileage. Seems we could help mother nature out a lot if we switched to electric gardening tools opposed to gas. Scooters and the like are likely similar are I don’t think most of them have any sort of catalytic converter.


what about inlet size?