What size slim radiator fans?

I’m running a full size radiator with air conditioning and looking to upgrade to slim fans. I’m going to mount in stock location (pull). Should I run two 12" fans, two 10" fans, or one 12" and one 10"

Be careful with slim fans. Some slim fans don’t come with shrouds and from my experience, it really impacts the cooling performance in hot weather during slow speeds (without the shroud, the air kinda buffets around and it’s hard to pull the air in from outside the engine). But besides that, I would go for the biggest fans possible. I’m not sure if you can fit 2 12’s, but also consider amp draw etc.

Thanks for the feedback. I just installed a new Mishimoto radiator and hope that these will be a better solution to mount the AC fan. Plus it should give me some added room. I can always go back if I start to run hot.

I ended up ordering a 12" and 10" from Northcoast performance. They ended up being a better deal here than ebay since I was ordering two different sizes. They should be here tomorrow.

Mishimoto has the dual fan shroud as well, but IMO it’s way pricey.

Well there is the Dual Fan shroud, intended for the 94-01 Integra. It may need slight modification to fit but I’ve found in most cases parts like this don’t.

Part #MMFS-INT-94
DarkStar Tuning Price: $220 Shipped
Retail: $265

But there is also the single fan with shroud that was actually designed for the 90-93 DA. While it is definitely a direct bolt in, it only covers half of the radiator.

Part #MMFS-INT-90
DarkStar Tuning Price: $200 Shipped
Retail: $245

Both fan assemblies come pre-assembled and all hardware to attach to your vehicle. Both kit also ave 12" fans.
Now there are other options such as the FAL line, but those tend to bemore pricey then the Mishimoto.

What is the cfm for the OEM DA fans anyway? I need to find some good slim fans for my turbo build that can stand up to autox and roadcourse temperatures. Are the mishimoto, Spal or FAL fans the best or can I get away with something like Flexalites?

Flex-a-lites are always a possibility but you would have to fab your own shroud. Not quite sure on the CFM of OEM but I’ll take a look and see what I can find. I believe the Mishimotos are 1200. I’ll double check that as well.

Flexalites = FAL:rockon:

Yeah I probably should have noted that as well.

Thanks for all the suggestions on the fans with shrouds. They were definitely outside of the projects’ $cope. Fans were already ordered before the comments.

I’m going to give it a try without the shrouds and see what happens. It’s been pretty hot & humid, so it should be a good test. If it fails, I’ll go back to the stock primary fan and keep the slim condenser fan. If I get really ambitious, I’ll make my own shroud. I do love the little space they take up though. I can actually get my hands in the space now.

I’m seeing around 930 cfm on the Mishimotos and my memory says 650 cfm for oem fans, but I’m not 100% sure. The FAL’s come with short/skinny plastic shrouds on them, why are they not adequate? The air will buffet out of the shrouds that the FAL’s come with?

Seeing as I already have a Mishimoto full sized radiator If I have to fab something up I might just use some sheetmetal and try to copy mishimoto’s aluminum shroud that they want $245 for :stuck_out_tongue:

Update: Slim fans without shrouds

So far so good without shrouds. Yesterday I drove through stop and go traffic, sat at lights, climbed some hills, kept revs high and tried with/without AC and fan. It was fairly hot (90 deg F) and slightly muggy (55% humidity). The temp gauge remained stable in all conditions I could through at it.

you can fit two 13" fans on the full size rad. and you should be fine with no shroud on a stock engine. i ran a half rad with a shitty universal 12" pusher fan and had zero problems. now that i’m turbo’d that’s a different story. and btw SPAL fans are the best available fans.

Update on the update

Well it’s gotten even hotter here and the slim fans aren’t doing the trick. I found that they would continue to run for several minutes after I shut down the car (never happened before). Also, the car would start to overheat in traffic. Turning on the heater helped to bring the temp back to normal though.

I changed the primary fan back to stock a couple of weeks ago. So far the cooling is is back to normal. No overheating and the fans don’t run after I turn off the car. I don’t know if this is a result of the “shroud” effect or the fan pulling more air through the radiator. The AC fan is still the slim.