what sound equipment to buy

OK Now i understand that everyone has different taste and choice for the sound quality and we can keep debating for what is best.

I listen to Trance/Techno type of music and I want to know what will be the best combination for car equipment for this kind of music.

Basically I want Medium-Lows, Low-Mids and High-Highs.
… ____
… ______/

I dont want that pointless and disturbing dumb Bass that you can hear half a mile away. I want to enjoy the music for myself and not for others- you know what i mean.

So if you guys have any info let me know

I listen to a lot of trance/techno also. Check out my homepage to see some pics of my stereo, and what I have.

What’s your budget for everything? Also explain if that budget has to include professional installation or not.

Well i am not sure about the cost yet, because i may sell and buy another integra sometime soon.
I just want to know what kind of stuff is good and sounds good, it doesnt have to be very very loud or full of bass.

If you do listen to Trance, you know what i am looking for- Clarity, High frequency sound with mild Bass.

I can still guess, probabaly not more than $500 system, I think i can manage installation myself. Obviously i cant do what you did, because thats too much custom work.

I am sure i will need some tweeters. :ok:

Sony CDXC-880 head unit
I looked up your head-unit and it has some good reviews.

But i have no idea what all this is or what it does-----> Sony XDP-4000X digital processor – Soundstream Reference 300 – Arc 1500dr – Adire Koda 6 – Adire Brahma 10

Its definately some cool audiophile stuff which i wont be able to get for $500

In my room i got sennheiser headphones and this attached to the computer.

pretty decent for as a college student.
Would like to buy this-

But i am a total newb for car audio.

Oh, and i dont want the subwoofer(if any) to occupy the entire trunk either.

I was more talking about the speakers. The head unit is like 5 years old. It was one down from their top, the CDX-C90 wich quite a few people still use today, even though it is an old deck. The 4000X is their digital processor. It is a little more than what a newbie can handle. For one thing it has to be set up with a computer.

Check here for more information on teh speakers. Components are a tough one because everyone has a different taste. My favorites so far are the Koda set. They are a metal tweeter, but aren’t too bright like most other metal tweeters. If you have a dealer near you (check their dealers page), then I suggest going out and auditioning them.

Since it does sound like you like them bright, definitely try out MB Quart speakers as well. I personally don’t like them, but from what you described, you may. But go out to your local stereo places with some of your favorite music, and just start listening. That will get you an idea of what the different speakers sound like. Then choose your favorite ones.

Since you don’t want extreme output, I thought of the Brahma 10 for you. It fits in a very small box, (.6 cubic foot) and will get as loud as you are looking for off of about 500 watts. But the sub might be a little spendy. It goes for $330. But the sound quality you will get from it is unbeatable. If you don’t mind giving up some space, then you could go with their Shiva. It goes for $125. You could drop that in about a 1.5 cubic foot box and power it with even less power. It will still sound good, as good if not better than other subs in that price range.