what spring rate to choose?

I want feed back from people who have tired an 8k-f/8k-r and 10k-f/8k-r and what they thought about each. The car is going to be daily driven and autocrossed. The shocks will be adjustable.

going on PERSONAL experiance, which setup do you prefer and why.

I am only intersted in personal experiance.

my buddy has 10k-8k and its a nice setup. i have 8k-6k and id rather have a little stiffer. id like to try 8k in the rear. my setup was suppose to be 6k front 8k rear but 6k was to soft for the front. we both lap our cars and they’re pretty much lapping cars only. for daily driving both work. if you like a stiff ride then you wont have a problem. just remember that it will be stiff!

if you have aftermarket swaybars that will also affect the spring rate you want.

word. I currently have 7.67k-f/5.35k-r (converted) and I dont mind the stiffness of the front at all, but the rear seems weak. I can definitly handle 8k/8k for a DD.

would you mind explaining your comment about the sway bars? I haven’t heard that before… I have stock ones now but want to upgrade eventually.

I’ve got 10k/8k on my PICs, non adjustable. It’s stiff but not so bad that I can’t daily driver the car.

do you think you would like 8k in the front better if you had adjustable shocks?

bump for more oppinions

what i meant about the swaybars is that a thicker rear sway will tend to oversteer more. a stiffer rear spring will also tend to oversteer a little more. so when choosing what suspension you want and want kind of handling you want you have to picture the whole thing. :rockon:

o, right. Thanks

My old Teins were 8k front and 6k rear. To be honest, 9 times out of 10 I had them turned right up in stiffness. I like a stiff ride so…


my funtion forms are 10k front and 6k rear. the back is a little to soft if it was a 7-8 i would be happy but other then that is real nice ride

anyone else?

I’ve tried that spring combo and still found it to be soft. currently set with ~14.3k fronts and 11k rear, with revalved konis and ITR rear bar. daily driven in the summer.

i would recommend the 10k front, 8k rear with a bigger rear swaybar and good tires for both daily comfort and performance.

Good to know. I like to hear that. Thats exactly the kind of feed back I am looking for. I might just end up getting the 10k/8k, like you suggested, if others feel the same way. Thanks! :up:

I use 560 lb front and 700 lb rears with a 23mm rear swaybar. It’s a tad too oversteery in some downhill corners on the track.

ive got omni power tylite full coilovers 12k/f 10k/r non adjustable and its a daily. the ride feels real nice, feels like i could go a lil more stiffer, as i personally like stiffness but i just added the progress 22mm rear sway bar with function 7 lca’s so its might feel just about where i want it plus with the addition of a little bling to it :rockon:

7/9 Koni/GC, 22mm rear bar, no front. Pretty good balance, but I think I’ll go for 9/12 soon I have not enough travel at the front for heavy braking. it’s about on the borderline of tolerable for daily driving in my opinion. The higher you go in the rear, the worse your back feels.

You won’t get the ultimate setup first go, so get some springs that you can swap and change how you like. Maybe a 8, 10 and 12, then you can experiment all day long until you find the balance you enjoy.