what springs to use on EF shocks?

I’m going to use EF (89-91) Koni yellow shocks on my 92 Teg. Should I use DA springs of EF springs?

I’m thinking of going with H&R sport springs. I don’t want to get the EF’s and have them be too short and/or soft for the DA. I don’t want to get the DA’s if they are going to be too long (I’ve heard that the rears might be too long)

Any advise would be appreciated.


BTW: the reason I’m going with EF shocks instead of DA’s is the fact that I’m getting Koni adjustables for $100! :slight_smile:

before you get springs, make sure they fit the perch on your Koni Yellows. I was supposed to buy bilsteins (same perch design as koni) originally for the EF chassis and my DA H&R sport didn’t fit on the perch. HTH.