what throttle cable?

Ok g2ic i have a ? I am running a b20 vtec with a b16 head and i belive a type r intake manifold i need to know wat throttle cable to use and wat bracket for the best fittment any input would be helpfull thanks.

OEM cable and bracket here… just had to use one bolt instead of two. Worked great for me.

i thought it had to be the type r bracket ?

Rhe best and legit way is both p73 type r throttle cable and bracket.

Pointless to spend time and money on something that isn’t really necessary…

Unless you come up on a decent deal, just use stock components and call it a day.

I get oem parts cheap so i doesnt matter i jus want to know the best way

Then, get to purchasing.

they sell the type r throttle cable at acura for like $12

Use the stock DA throttle cable and the stock ITR bracket for the manifold. It’ll work perfectly.

Thanks Colin but on the throttle cable I was installing it and does It go flush on the firewall then turn it
Into position or does it no go flush on the firewall. I know it’s a easy install but it’s giving me a hard time.

yeah it goes on sideways and once in you turn it up at 12 o,clock position.
not to sure on what positon since mines still waiting to go in.

Sorry to thread jack but I’m in the same situation. My throttle cable snapped and I just bought a ITR throttle cable and its too short. I tried adjusting it every way you can and came up with nothing. I have a type r head, AEBS manifold and a BDL throttle body. I’m pretty sure its the P30 throttle bracket that’s causing the problem but just want a second opinion.

How much too short is it? Pictures of the bracket?

Its about 1 inch maybe 2 not really sure. The old one used to wrap around the bottom and go into the top notch. I tried putting the ITR cable straight over and hook it on the top notch but its too long that way.

your going to need the p73 bracket, some people just slide the bracket over one hole and bolt it with one bolt. you could try it like that for now.

Ok. So if i get the ITR bracket would I insert the cable on the bottom notch of the throttle body since it has two notches. The ITR cable seems shorter compared to the stock ls one.

Hard to say for sure, but the distance between your bracket and TB doesn’t look excessive, I’m wondering if the cable might be your problem. Why did you use an ITR cable? Do you have the stock cable laying around that you could try out? Here’s my ITR manifold w/ stock DA cable, ITR TB, and ITR throttle cable bracket.

Also, in regard to how the cable mounts to the TB, it will only work in one location. If you wrap it the wrong way around the rotor, the butterfly won’t open (imagine trying to pull on a door to leave a room when it says “push to exit”). And if you put the end piece in the wrong “notch”, as you call it, the rotor won’t open fully.

I got the ITR cuz I thought it wold be a better fit. Since the LS cable needed the be adjsted all the way to work. Also the car would sometimes stay at 2k rpm when I’m at a stop but I think that was the ripped cable getting caught on the rubber. I will mess with it around some more. I just don’t want to spend money on something I don’t need. I got bills to pay!!!

Like Colin said, use the stock DA cable with the ITR cable bracket, or use the stock cable/bracket and just move it over so only one bolt-hole lines up. Have been running the stock cable/bracket for over a year now (one bolt hole lined up) and have had zero issues with it.