what tires(brand) should i get?

i recently bought a full set of wheels & tires but the tires on them don’t have much tread left on them. the ones on right now are, NITTO NT450 ,205/40/16. whats a good brand for that size of tire? i’ve heard that Nitto and toyo are good but pricey. any less expensive ones?

bridgestone, yokohama, dunlop, toyo, falken, kumho…just to name some. And model is more important than brand, imo. Just about every brand out there is good, but that doesn’t mean every tire they make is good. Some models are better than others in that same brand, or models from other brands. And better in different ways (traction, treadwear, price…).

it really depends on what you’re looking for in a tire, and how much you want to pay. Go to www.tirerack.com and browse thru some tires. You’ll get an impression of what’s good for summer, all-season, performance, wet weather, tread wear, price…etc…etc…