what to do? fog light...

so i was wondering if anyone has or heard of anyone painted the fog bulb yellow and if its safe? or painted the fog reflectors and have pics of them on?? if any one can provide pics for these please help. im planning on doing a DIY experiment but need to see this first…


i have yellow fog light bulbs h3’s i believe 15 shipped

Yellow h3s here.

Yellow housing, look in the general section, someone did it to their JDM headlights.

Painting the bulbs will work, but wont last very long.

15 shiped where?..and do you have pics you can post or send to kookal813@tampabay.rr.com…thnx

I think I paid $15 shipped for mine too.

Here All over Ebay.

yea but there like 55watts and i heard that they will melt the housing anyone have 35watt yellow h3 bulbs?

or i could just do the legend cover trick?? does that look better then the bulbs? from pics i dont see a difference??

I have the foglight covers in my car and like the look alot. Makes the road more visible at night compared to regular bulbs. I have 2 more sets for sale if you want one.

DA9vid… how much are you sellin a set for?.. email me… thanks

$20 shipped via USPS. Will package carefully so they wont break because they are glass.

yea well a member on here said 10 shipped? will you go to 10?

and can you post pics?

The least I will go is $15 shipped. Shipping will be $5 bucks in a flat rate priority mail box. I will post pics tomorrow.

i have the luminics jdm yellow bulbs and glare guards removed and they are bright enough to light the whole road by themselves, and i have been running them for 6 months now and havent melted a housing or any problem that everybody says they have. just man up and buy the luminics stuff.

cool so tomorrow post pics…and for the yellow bulbs i dunno …whats the wattage on those?

Pics of them installed (daytime pics) I will post pics of them at night tonight.




looks good…im gonna see first if i can find any at the junkyard. if not ill hit you up when i get paid…and def want to see them at night! should take out glare gaurds and they would look great!

Night pics. It is hard to show the brightness behind the wheel driving but it looks great. I wiould reccomend this over putting brighter or yellow bulbs. It is safer and more cost effective.