What to do? What to buy?

A little History first:

So, I have been on G2IC for a while since 2009. I have not had a G2 since 03’ when I sold my 92 GS. I know that its kind of crazy being apart of a Car website when I don’t even own the car but I love the G2. It was the car that I had in High School and College was one of my favorites in High School in the mid 90’s. I worked hard to save up to get one. I bought mine in 98’ with 120k mi on it with a fresh paint job for $6,000. The exterior and the interior were immacualte. It even had the armrest (broken cupholders though). I upgraded the head unit, speakers, and added a disk changer. I immediately replaced the timing belt and CV boots. That was the only maintenance it needed at the time. Eventually replaced the another set of CV boots, timing belt, and clutch. It only had one issue and it was that the 1st and 2nd setting of the ac/heat didnt work. I never really dealt with that issue. The ac/heat eventually stopped blowing but I resolved that issue which was an apparent wiring issue but still only the last 2 settings worked. I sold it in 03’ with 255k mi on it for $2,350.

I only sold it because I didn’t think that I could ever afford having it, which was paid for, and the truck that I bought from my best friend for his pay off which was only $4,400. At that time, I was still in college and was trying to get into the Construction Industry as it correlated with my Major. I eventually got into the Construction Industry and made good money. Enough money that I could have afforded to keep the G2. I have regretted selling it to this day. Iv’e searched for years looking for it hoping to maybe buy it back. Here it is 8 almost 9 years later and I have found my old car about 3 hours away. The same guy that I sold it to owns it. He wants $600 more for it than what I sold it for and has about 40k more mi on it from when I sold it. I talked to him and the only thing that he has done is replaced the timing belt and the muffler. He says the ac does not work and that there is a noise coming from one of the front tires/wheels. I assume that it might be a bad axel. He says it still drives good and commented to me that I sold him a really good car. I know I did. I babied that car. He said that he would be willing to negotiate on the price.

I have a friend of mine who has a extra G2 that is willing to sell to me. Its a black 91 LS unknown miles b/c the person that he bought it from swapped out the cluster for a GSR cluster. It has the original paint which is faded, peeling, and oxidized. It has no exhaust at the momment which I have a stock oem exhaust in my garage. It has mint GSR interior with OEM floor mats, 17" wheels with decent tires, been lowered with stock EG suspension (I think), newer brakes and drilled rotors, newer timing belt and clucth. It will come with 92/93 bumpers but no supports for the conversion, a armrest with working cupholders, and other various parts. It has not been on the road for a little more than 2 years. He originally was going to sell it to me for $1,200 but took $300 off b/c he took the Apexi N1 cat back and put it on his 93 LS-T. It is about 1 hour away from me.

So here is my dilemma: Do I get my old stock 92 GS back with nearly 300k miles on it or do I get the slightly modified 91 LS with unknown miles?

I would go back with your stock 92 gs. Gs models came with better options and you would be more familiar with the history of the car. 300k? I would swap in a c1 or c5 and call it a day. Or boost it till motor gives up and then swap in a b20 and use the same turbo setup. Low boost of course.

I would go with the same teg you had if it was still in like same shape. Motor don’t matter can always be replaced…

ya I’d go with your old car. 40k miles in 9 years means the guy barely drove it! my moms 07 mazda has over 60k on it.

Your old car for sure… It will be like going home

Buy your old one. Nothing replaces your first car.

If I can get it back for the right price then I might just do that. I refuse to pay $3000 for a car that has 295k mi on it without ac, a cracked windshield, and possible axle issues. Especially for the fact that I sold it for $2400 to the guy 8 years ago.

Yeah I can understand what you mean, he sounds like a dick. Hope everything works out for you though.