What to look for in a bad motor mount?

So i’m still having troubles with my car shaking between 2200-3000rpms in 2nd and 3rd gear and i’m thinking maybe it could be a motor mount. So what kind of damage should i be looking for in a bad motor mount.

hey that could be your motor mount, but i just hade a problem similar to this, check your axles.

i did remove that driver side motor mount like 4 times so maybe somehow it got damaged in the process? It looks fine as far as i can tell though. The rubber doesn’t seem to be cracked or anything. I’m not sure on how to check the axle though. I’m not sure what the axle itself looks like nor what kind of damage to look for. The shaking goes away after 3000 rpm btw. Does this still sound like the prob you had?

if you suspect it’s the motor mounts, check the rear motor mount.
You should be able to tell if it’s busted or not, since busted ones will have cracked rubber…

If it’s a motor mount problem, it’s almost definately the rubber that’s cracked/torn, rather than the bolt through the center. Unless, of course, the bolt just didn’t get put back in. When I bought my car, both of the front tranny mount bolts were just completely missing & the motor felt all kinds of weird. So I ordered the bolts through Honda, alone w/ an ES insert kit & now the motor doesn’t move ANYWHERE! As for your axles, that really wouldn’t cause a vibration consistant w/ your rpm, but w/ you mph. Might as well check & make sure both axles have their harmonic dampers if they have ever been replaced.

To see which mounts are bad, pull emergency brake up.Put car in reverse.Rev engine.You will be able to see what mounts have play.