what to upgrade to run NOS

I want to run say a 60 shot of NOS and I am wondering what I would have to upgrade to do so I have a pretty much stock 91 GS with intake and exhaust as performance mods and 130,000 miles. Please Help. Thanx guys

Long as your motor is in good mechanical condition a 50 or 60 shot shouldn’t hurt it… ZEX kit is plug and play and everything is included; no need to upgrade fuel system, etc.


NOS loves your engine…haahhaha

At least get some STAINLESS STEEL VALVES at the minimum if you are going to be squeezing more than 70 shot, because yours will begin to melt…late

naw i’m stayin with the ***** 55 shot maybe the 65 shot just for the nite drives… hehe

You are completely safe with a factory motor and a 40-70 shot of nitrous. LS factory valves are fairly sturdy and can take a good beating up to 175 shot IF and only IF you know what you’re doing. One thing i would suggest is a simple compression test and leak down test before installing a nitrous system. This will basically tell you the condition of your motor.

I can tell you that most of the baffoons that pop a motor on nitrous either:

a.)set incorrect ignition timing
b.)improper gap and heat range of spark plugs
c.)improper fuel for higher nitrous infusions (i.e. 80shot+)
d.)just basically have their heads up their asses because they think they are the ****

There you go…

Before I did anything to my motor Nitrous Wise, I asked Elmer, and he helped me out, I love this board, listen to ELMER, HE knows what hes doin…peace