What tool to use?

Hey guys I have a Rear-Brake caliper bolt that is completly stripped away…what would you recommend I use on it?(Besides a dremel)
I have tried…
Vice grips, both styles
Craftsman Bolt-out sockets
Gator Grip
Undersized wrenches
Liquid wrench
and probably countless other things.
I have no access to power tools so that is out of the question, and i dont want to deal with flames, so…what are my options? Hacking it? If so, what type of hacksaw will work best?
Thanks in advance.

stripped on the head or the head is gone and all that is left is the thread? i’d just dremel a slot in the head and get a impact driver.

just had the same problem yesterday while disasembling my brakes. I used channel lock pliers and a small sledge.

if you have a welder find a big nut and weld it to it ive done this to rear control arm bolts that were stripped

:ghetto: but it works

Try to get ahold of an angle grinder or something, and grind the head of the bolt off. oh, I’m assuming your talking about the caliper slide pin bolts? not the bolts that mount the caliper to the hub? Anyhow, if it is the caliper slide pin bolt, grind the head off, and you should be able to get the caliper off with the head gone, then you can just pull the whole slide pin out and replace it (wanna say something like $11 at napa), or try to get the bolt out by gripping what’s left of it. Usually the easiest way if you can’t get it out by any other means. Only other bolt remover product I can think of is lisle makes some hammer-on stripped head bolt removers, you can usually buy them at sears in the automotive tools aisle, there’s maybe 6 of them in a pack for different sized heads. They usually work pretty well too when all else fails, but there may not be enough head left on the bolt for them to grip on to, depending. good luck

Thx guys, i fixed it. I picked up a dremel and took the bastard 3/4 of the way off and vice griped the quarter that was left and it turned freely. WOW what a B***h that bolt was. Even when i got it out it sliced my finger and gave me a nice cut! Oh well, thx again for the help.