What would I run....B17 modded

I have a '92 GSR. So far I’ve got a Spoon tb, Skunk2 im, DC 4 to 1 header, and exhaust. The parts aren’t on yet. I’ll also get an intake. Then on goes an ITR intake cam and cam gears. With these mods, what would I run approx in the 1/4…high 14’s? Also, I don’t have access to a dyno, so how big of a difference would adjusting the cam gears make with the ITR cam? Or should I say, how much hp would I be cheating myself without getting cam gears and adjusting them? What else should I get? What do you guys think? Thanks.

I think with a test pipe, ITR cams, some slicks with some good driving will net you some high 14 second timeslips. Definitely get some adjustable cam gears though. On the dyno with my stock ITR setup I gained 5whp with adjusting the gears to +1, -1 (intake, exhaust). Get your ECU chipped (VTEC x-over near 5700rpm). Maybe in the future throw in a thin head gasket or higher compression pistons. ITR cams love higher compression. Let me know if you have any other questions. Best of luck.