what would you consider this? budget build? mild build? close to being fully built?

i’m doing an Ls/vtec for my 1990 integra

my block will be:
rebuilt, hot tank, bore and honed, fully balnced with:
the crank, ls rods(resize), oversize pr3 pistons, chromemoly rings, acl race bearings, apr head bolts and rod bolts,

i’m concuse on whether to use b18 oil and water pump or the b16 ones?

new copper head gasket
new oil pan gasket

head work will be:
cleaning it and modifying it to fit the block. the itr intake cam and intake manifold will come later and as well as the jdm spec header 4-1.

thanks, tell me what you think guys.


Sorry, but I noticed in every one of your posts you called them “apr” studs and bolts. I just wanted to clear that up.

I’d call it a budget build, looks like you got all the right stuff except the head gasket, just stick with an OEM one.

i dont really understand what your question is; my question to you is are you building up your motor in proportion to how much money you can throw into adding power? If the answer is yes, then you are on the right track.


sorry for the mis-type guys.

i’m using a oem copper head gasket

i just want to know if this sounds like a reliable motor. i’ll drive it everyday to work and school both about 20 min drive, i go out and stuff. its my only car i got. so does it sound reliable considering of my needs of driving?

hoping to run high 13’s

I more realistic goal with that engine would be high 14’s. Don’t be too optimistic or you’ll set yourself up for disappointment.

high 14’s? can’t you settle with that with a b16 motor?