What would you pay for a '92 bumper?

I found a parts car locally and I am trying to decide what to offer for the parts.
It has a complete '92 bumper with signals and foam support that has a few minor dings that I should be able to fix myself, but it will have to be painted.

What would you pay for the bumper, and what do you think ill be able to get it painted for?

what would you pay for these other parts?
original integra floor mats,
2 good rear hatch struts,
set of 4 14" alloys (non-blade style),
brand new cat back stock mullfer with resonator,
alternator in unknown condition,
drivers side headlight lens,

Some suggestions on price?

give him 120 lol

original integra floor mats, If nice,-- 15-20 bucks
2 good rear hatch struts,-- 40 tops
set of 4 14" alloys (non-blade style),—60/80 if in good shape.
brand new cat back stock mullfer with resonator,—140 or more like 150
alternator in unknown condition,—15/20
drivers side headlight lens,---- Just the lens?? 10 bucks
Fixed Bumper----25/30 tops

But pics will be nice. Don’t trip about my prices,that’s just off my head

only the drivers side headlight… the whole part minus the indicator and fog light. I have the rest, just the main headlight has a rock hole in it.

Low ball him for the bumper eh?

One part I left out is, if I get his wheels, I would give him my stock blades so his would keep rolling. I cant stand the blades!
His wheels have a tiny bit of bubble corrosion around the hub covers but minimal to no curbage.

blades??? As in GSR Blades?? Don’t trade for stock wheels.

No, I may be calling them by the wrong name. I have the normal stock 90 GS alloys with the 5 blade style vents, the ugly flat faced rim. Looking to take the spoke style of the same size off this car because it looks better until I can upgrade to 16’s.

This is the car I am scavenging from, and those are the wheels:

These are what I have right now:

I like your rims but the other rims look way cooler.I might be wrong but i think they are the GSR DA rims.Its your car,what ever make’s you happy. Are you going to buy the car or just the parts? If you buy the car you can fix it and sell it.

i live in a condo and dont have the space for it, as well, its rad support is smashed in and it has around 290xxx KMS on it so i dont think its worth it :slight_smile:

I thought they were the GSR wheels too but I have seen a lot of stock 92/93 tegs with them

Only the 92-93 Special and the GSR’s have them. Id grab them fast.

I have first dibbs on the whole car so yeah ill take them. Its too bad my interior is a different color because the seats have no rips. The metal bar in the bolster has broken through the foam so you can feel it, but the fabric is perfect.

even its RTA bushings felt like they were intact to the touch, but I dont know if I should take those used, or if the 90 ones the same as the 92’s. What else should I try and grab?

Get the tail lights the front and back bumpers with the bumper lights and what ever you see that you can use or sell. Low ball the fuck out of him and make a profit.:rofl:

Go on ebay and craigs list to see what part are going for.

He was trying to sell the whole car for $1500, could probably take it from him for closer to 10-12 but I just dont have the space to do that. He is a car guy however so I dont think ill be able to do that too well, lol. After all, he does own an alfa romeo!

That guy most have bumped his fuckin head to try selling that car for 1,500. You can get a clean ass teg for that much. He dont know what he is doing. He is lucky to get $500 for it.

keep in mind I am in Canada so prices are a bit higher here. Its got a lot of recent work into it with receipts to prove so thats where he was coming from.

i want the seat belts lol

High miles and smashed to shit. There’s no way in hell he’s getting that much any where. The blue book on a good running teg with 160k miles on it is about 2100. And that’s with no dents and clean pink.

Yeah fair enough, you are right. His thing is that it has a brand new mullfer and resonator (he got ripped off by midas) $900 bill for the two, and the guy who he got it from spent $2500 having the auto trans rebuilt from the ground up so there is recent work, and to be fair the car is mint other than the front end damage! I agree with you though!

Lets just say this. I have a 91 ls that a put way to much in. Every thing in and on the car is new except paint because the paint is mint. New JDM GSR with about 40k miles on it and the trans. New KYB shock and eiboch spring all around. New 2 1/3 piping front to back. I had 1 guy offer me 5k for it. I said no because i like my car. I was lucky as fuck to even have some one offer me that much. Its not what you put in the car,the car is going to sell the same as if you never put money in to it.

91_LS, that is partially incorrect information regarding the wheels.

Yes, GSR’s came with them from the factory, but they could be had on any model except RS models. My 92 GS has them. they were pretty much standard on GS and GSR models, and optional on LS’s. RS models came with steelies and hub caps.

just thought i’d clear that up.