What year bumpers?

i bought front and rear bumper covers from a junk yard the other day and i didnt realize to check what year the car was. i went back and of course the car was gone. well i have these bumpers and i dont know what year integra it came off of. i also have the styrofoam. how can i differenciate, or identify what year integra they come off of? by the way the styrofoam doesnt match up with my bumper.

openings in the lower part = 90-91
no openings in lower part = 92-93

the bumper lenses for 90-91 are rectangle, whereas the bumper lenses for 92-93 wrap around slightly

92-93 rear bumper bottom will flare out a little bit, where as on a 90-91 it cuts straight down.

90-91 =|
92-93 =d