whats a good muffler

im looking for a new aftermarket exhuast thats not too loud, does anyone know a nice one that not too loud… thanks.

i heard like the RSR and ummm, greddy SP are good, but like for me, i went and got (2) 18inch cherry boms, had them welded together, then ran 2 1/2 inch tubing from the test pipe to those cherrybombs, then 2 1/2 inch tubing to a N1 off brand muffler… and it makes it quite deep, and i have that JDM angled exhaust yo!, no but it does have a crazy angle… i wanted it like that for a rason, so when i spray, my black smoke (running way to rich) will fly towards whoever i am racing (right lane driver), pisses just people off in car that r next to me when on it at all, kinda funny but kinda rude… kinda like humping:hump: ur girl friends retarded sister :horny::hump:… lol… only jokeing… :giggle::rofl:

i have an arvin turbo muffler, which like 3 people have heard of (made by the people who make cherry bomb), and it’s REAL nice. not loud unless i romp on it, and not ricey at ALL. if you want to hear your exhaust when pulling into a driveway, don’t get this muffler. it’s quiet at low rpms, over 4k it sounds awesome.

magnaflow muffler is nice. :up: I have one of those. and it kicks ass.

I 2nd that.

Type One baby!!!