whats that beep???

I know I have posted this thread before, but I still need help. I have a 1992 GS 2dr. The beeper that beeps when the door is ajar intermitently beeps driving down the road. This seems to happen more when the car is cold. I have two fairly new (junkyard) door jamb switches that are healthy. I obtained both of them from passenger side jambs, so the wear on the switch is not as bad. I was hoping somebody knows about a fix for this concern. Acura can’t even help me. Also if anyone has any schematics they can hook me up with. :mad:

found the beep

I thought I would tell everyone where the beep was coming from.

I ripped out my fuse block (under dash left side) and atached to the back side of the block there is a small box with a red connector connected to it. I took the box off the fuse block, seperated it in half, and on the circuit board there is a small round piezo buzzer. I simply ripped it off the circiut board with pliers. Problem solved!!!