whats the problem with my car?

ok guys here goes:uhoh:
what happened a few months ago, i did a tune up on my car. oil change, ATF complete flush, plugs, wires, cap, rotor, all the good stuff. anyway the reason i did this was because i had a bad fuel injector, and my mechanic changed all 4 for me brand new. i purchased some venom hi-flow injectors from summit racing. good people helped me out in every way. anyway, right after i got all this done the car was running smooth as ever once started. but something was wrong. what started right after were the following.

  1. when my car is cold (sitting there for like 6+ hours, it takes a couple seconds to start. when its warm (i just drived like 10mins ago, and i just started it up again) it starts up right away no problem.
  2. when i’m at a light, and i give it gas sometimes it hesitates a little, maybe for like a sec. but then goes. hardly noticeable but still there.
  3. some days my check engine light comes on, and somedays it dosent. sometimes when i start the car it comes on, and then when i shut it off and turn it back on right away it goes away.

the one thing i have noticed that really stands out is that i have really poor gas mileage. can anyone help?? i dont want to pay $75 for a computer check, cause the check engine light sometimes comes on, and sometimes dosent.
:rant: :rant:

thanks for all your help

Try known good stock injectors.

Some auto parts stores will check your codes for free.

try your o2 sensor as well it can cause thse problems as well.

Believe it or not the same exact thing happen to me recently. Mechanic said it was the starter and that he is replacing it with a used one. I didn’t have the hesitation till I was taking it over to him. I’ll tell you what I find out.

thanks for all your help guys. yeah i talked to my mechanic, and he said that the injectors and fuel system are fine. could it be the oxygen sensor??? i mean its 10yrs old. and the funny thing too is that it started right the minute i got the car back from getting the injectors replaced. could the new “freshness” of gas from the injectors be too… rich for the o2 sensor? hmmm…

My distributor cap was busted. That’s why mine wouldn’t start in the mornings.

:idea:ok here’s the prob it think… when i put 510cc injectors in my teg these two things happened (i had the same lag you are talking about when excelerating,put put VROOOOOM) so here’s the prob…first you need a dyno… car is way to rich if all ya did is insert new injectors… next if you lift the hood… and are standing in front of the car looing at the firewall, about 6-10 inches from the far right you will see two vacuum controlers or valves sitting right next to each other, right up top of the firewall…they are like an opaque white color (maybe tan from yrs of heat). anyway check the vacuum lines that are underneath them…i had on pop off…i plugged it back in put a hose clamp in it. and got my vroooom back with no more lag…they people that installed the new injectors might have popped it off by mistake or it fell off when they pulled the fuel rail off… but make sure you dyno that thing or you are gonna run like crap. hope this is your prob… if not. emails are always welcome.

damn i can’t type for S**T… :stuck_out_tongue: see above!!! but you get the picture.

hey thanks for responding guys. as it turns out, i finally got sick of my car(and decided to get off my lazy @ss) and take it to have it checked out at a mechanic shop. i went to autozone, but they said that none of them carry computers for our cars. so i found a place near my house that charged me $40 which was a good deal. anyway they checked the whole car and ran the computer check because i told them that my light had come on a couple times. well… they got back to me and told me that the reason for all that listed above, was because my whole distributor is going bad. they said right now it just has a short, but can go out at any time. so my friend is going to get me a used one from his junkyard, and i’m all good. damn i cant believe i was driving like that for 4 months now. finally got around to fixing it. thanks again :up: