whats up with NC??

i see people on here from nc and i see people riding around all the time…i know im not the only one that wants to meet…come on and lets plan somethin

so ill post it again

whats good wit North Carolina…im not from here and dont know anyone here thats into imports…i dont care what kind of car u got i just want to have a meet in the triad area somewhere…i see people ridin around and once in a while i see people chillin at cookout on main st. in high point…y cant we just have one big meet??? or is there somethin im missin?? a bit anti-social???

i would go up and talk to people i see chillin but the last time i tried that they were actin like i was the cops or some shit…what cop drives a DA??

i’m in nc, but I live in raleigh. they had a big street racing bust here in raleigh and impounded cars, and people were arrested hence the dead scene around here. Same thing happened in high point as well, that’s why people don’t gather much anymore.

yea i know about what happened in HP…but that should not stop meets or races…im from jersey and our races would get broken up almost everytime…and we always came back…as many back roads as they got down here i dont see y people got in so much trouble…yall just aint doin it right or somethin…i dont even really care about the racing…i just want to be able to chill…cali got shit jumpin with meets and shows…im kinda tired of lookin at all the meets they post and i cant even get to one