Wheel bearing shot/tons of play and vibration. Also possible CV shaft question

I have a 93 Integra RS standard. I’ve has this car for years and the passenger side wheel bearing is shot again. I can lift the wheel like half an inch around when the car is up on a jack. I’ve replaced the whole spindle w/ wheel bearing (from a junk yard, but the wheel bearing had no play at all, super tight) I think 3 or 4 times and almost immediately the wheel bearing has a ton of play right after I changed it. I can’t understand why. I’ve replaced the CV shaft a couple of times each time from Autozone (lifetime warranty). Is it possible that the CV shaft is what messes up the wheel bearing? Does anyone have this problem? This only happens on the passenger side. I’m getting sick of hearing it vibrate on the highway and don’t feel like bringing it in to waste money on it, because it’s pretty much just a shitty weather car at this point. Any help or ideas would be greatly appreicated. Thanks

Improper wheel balancing, bad alignment, uneven brake wear(seized caliper pins anyone?), hard driving can accelerate the wear on the wheel bearings and make it go out faster.

since you keep changing it out and it continues to go bad again it is likely that one of these problems are present. Fix these problems first, and you wont have to constantly keep changing out the spindles.

your best route is to check the wheel balance first. Its cheap, like $10/wheel. While you are at it, ensure you are getting even wear on your brake pads and that the caliper is free to slide along the pins.
Then go on to check for alignment issues. Hope this helps.

also, torque the nut to spec. a lot of people over torque, which makes the bearing not happy. spec isn’t very high, actually. something like 90-100ft/lbs

so I ended up bringing it in and paying a shop to put in a new wheel bearing. I’m not pleased with it at all it is about just as loose as it was before. I am convinced that the it is the CV shaft is causing it. I didn’t end up taking it back and bitching but I should have but that was like 3 months ago and I didn’t want to deal with it. The guy lets some stuff go for inspection and I didn’t want to piss him off. Guess I’ll just drive it as is. The wheel never falls off and it’s been loose as hell for like the last 20k miles on various wheel bearings. :frowning:

its a 134 ft/lbs :wink:

driving around on a bad wheel bearing (especialy as bad as the one you seem to have )is also putting every other pieces the car threw undue wear and tear and will cause premeture failure of other components such as differential bearing, motor mounts and other expensive parts. if your using a axel that dosent have a ballancer on it then its deffinatly possible thats causeing your wheel bearing to go out so quikly.

Good luck

Are you sure it is the wheel bearing and not something else like the upper ball joint? Did you ask the shop to investigate what was wrong, or did you just have them put in a new wheel bearing? Because there are a lot of shops that will just do whatever you say to do even if they don’t think it is the problem.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that sometimes we fixate on a problem when maybe there are two or more, or it seems like a problem we’ve had before when really it isn’t. At this point, with the amount of effort you’ve put into this, maybe you should pay someone for an hour of their time to get a diagnosis from them?

I agree with buymysoul, take it to another shop and ask for a front end inspection. Explaining the problem to them will help as well. There are so many posibilities, to name a few: improper installation, low quality bearing, improper torque, wheel balance, driveshaft, etc. As said above it is also possible that something else is loose such as a balljoint. Most shops charge very little to check suspension parts so that is probably your best bet. Also do you know what brand bearing it was? I have seen many white box bearings go bad way too quickly.

It’s not safe to drive on a loose hub. Your braking, tire wear, handling will all be affected in a negative way! This small problem may turn into a bigger life threatening problem. I would get it fixed asap! If it’s still loose after changing the bearing it must be some other problem. Ensure that your axle is the correct one for the car and that the axle nut is torqued to spec, because that would be my next best guess. All of these problems came after you replaced the axle right? Autozone axles have been known to cause alot of problems, and are not always machined precise enough. Just a few hundredths of an inch off of the face of the axle will cause the nut to actually to be loose, despite the nut being torqued to spec (confusing? ya I know).

[QUOTE=BLKACK1;2193628]its a 134 ft/lbs :wink:

basically what i was saying is that it’s not as much as your typical shop air will put through a 1/2" drive gun or cranking it down as hard as possible by hand. which is what a lot of shops will do with hub nuts.
but good on ya to inform the correct torque spec

i would check the tie rods also