Wheel Locks!

I’m looking for some new wheel locks and I’m curious as to what ones I should get. I’ve got Mesh GSR’s and want to protect them a little more with out having locks that stick out an inch. What are some good ones?

Fastloc (I think) is pretty good, they look just like normal lugs

Where did you get yours at and how much did they cost?

I got mine from Tunerworks, I got a pretty good deal 'cause I got them with my rims. But I think reg. price is about $40 Canadian

forgot, that was for a set of 4 locking lugs and a key.

What size locks do we have? Is it 12mm x 1.5 or 12mm x 1.25?

What kind of locks are you running now?

I’ve got the honda ones, made my McGard I think. They seem to work good enough.

Well, I have the honda locks right now, but I lost one of them. I called up Acura and they said I’d have to buy a set and I couldn’t buy just one. The set was like $50. So I’m looking for cheaper aftermarket ones. Or If someone has a set or just one, I’d be happy to buy one or a set from them :smiley:

I think I found a set. Thanks for everyones help.:bow: