wheel size?? and color..

what wheel size do you prefer? 15" or 16"?

also what color wheels for the following…

-my choice-bronze or gunmetal

-my choice-gunmetal


i prefer rota circuit 8’s especially with those colors…

just wanted to know what everyone thinks, and what do yall have as well?

Re: wheel size?? and color…

Originally posted by GaRn
just wanted to know what everyone thinks

Shopping for wheels before you have the car? Or did you already get it?


nah ive been swayin back and forth between a 93-94 DSM awd and a 92-93 teg gsr… but the teg has so much more to it, so im back here :slight_smile:

nah i was just askin what everyones opinion was, or what they had… unfortunately i have to wait until july, when i finish payin off my STUPID truck…


this place seems dead :sleep:

I have bronze 15" Circuit 8’s on my Milano Red 92 GS-R. Looks amazing in my view.
I say go bronze
Bronze + red = LOVE

i think bronze would be perfect. white and silver rims r somewhat playedout to me. but gunmetal does match black and silver cars perfectly. i have 15’ bronze circuit 8 on my 93 integ. looks so clean to me… JDM all the way