wheel valve stem probs

I got a 17" wheel off of ebay about a month ago to use for my spare. It was brand new, only had been on display. I took it to get a tire mounted on Friday, and the valve stem hole was unusually small, and no one had valve stems (O’Reilly, Sears, Discount Tire) that would work w/it. My question is, because the wheel was a “display wheel” would the valve stem hole not have been drilled out or something? At least not to normal size. Or is it just that I need a super small special valve stem? Any help would be appreciated!

theres no problem with the wheel. there are about three different sizes of holes for the valve stem on different wheels ie: small, medium, large… jus do some checking at wheels shops and see if they have or can order you what you need. should be about 2-5 bucks each.

edit- i think i might even be able to get you some even.