Wheels for Big Brakes

I want to install the Wilwood front brake kit for my Integra. I know that before I can put the brakes on, I will need larger wheels (which I want on anyway). My question is: will the 16" Rota Slipstreams fit over these 12" large brakes? Or do I need to step up to 17"? I live in an area with bad roads and thought with 16s I would have a little more sidewall to take some of the abuse from these roads.

I don’t know (or care, really) about the Rota’s, but I can tell you this. My 16", +42mm Volk TE37’s barely clear the Wilwoods. And these are wheels touted for their brake clearing abilities.

Do your homework and measure the wheels you want before you buy them if you plan on getting the Wilwoods. It sure would suck if your wheels wouldn’t clear them after all that work putting the brakes on…:wink: