wheels shake at high speed

My steering wheel start shaking whenever i drive beyond 65mph.
When i drive beyond 80mph, the wheels stop shaking but the front of my car shaking really bad (including left and right door panel). I know it’s not the axle because when accelerate, it won’t shake until it reach 65mph+. When i let go the gas and cruise, it still shake.
I just got new tire and balanced wheels. Could it be outer tie rod? Or maybe lower ball joint? Jack up the car and check the tie rod…it seems alright…no rip on boot or end play.

Any input is really appreciated.

Thank you

I’ve had this problem before, I would make sure that your tires are balanced and not out of round. it is possible for tire places to do a bad balancing job, and it is possible for tires to be out of round when new, i’ve had both happen to me. You can balance a square but it still won’t roll right…