Wheels, tires, springs, shocks, what to get?

OK, my first performance mods on my Teg are going to be suspension. I wouldn’t want all of that added power of a turbo on the stock suspension. I was thinking I should get 16’s, then decided I should get 17’s. I know I will be sacrificing some speed, but come on, how much speed could it really take away? My goal in the long-run is to get into the 13’s, so I still think I will be fine. I have heard good things about Rotas, so I will probably pick up a set of those. What are your opinions on these wheels? The car is a daily driver, so what kind of tires should I get with the wheels (I live in central GA)? As for suspension, I am unsure what to get. I hear good things about Koni Yellows, so I think I will stick to them. As for the springs, originally I was thinking H&R, but read some bad reviews, so what should I get? I plan on lowering the car some too (like 2 inches), should I get a camber kit, and if so, which? I am trying to keep costs down on this, so please keep that in mind.


Lowering car 2 inches, and getting 17" Rotas. What tires, springs, and anything else (ie camber kit) should I get? I plan on using Koni Yellows unless you think there is something better I should get. I need to keep the cost down to a minimum if possible.

Your supposed to do the short version first… then let people decide to read the second…

Koni Yellows, Skunkworks/2, Strut bars and sway bars, 17" Rota Sub Zero’s and Falkin Azeni’s…

Thats what you should get…

There’s absolutely no shock out there better than the koni yellow for our cars. Look at the link in my sig for my mods. I would say that’s a good setup for beginning. I also have an Ingall’s front camber kit and did an easy mod to the rear to correct the camber. That mod is in the teg tip’s section. Go with whatever size rims you want for the street but for racing I would suggest something smaller and lighter.

Thing’s I would do different:
Stiffer springs, like neuspeed sports or races or get eibach springs with custom spring rates.
A thicker rear sway bar like a progress bar.
Stickier tires like falken azenis on a set of 14 or 15" lightweight wheels just for autocrosses.

What do you think about the Rota Attack wheels? Also, where do I get the Koni Yellows and the Neuspeed or Skunkworks springs. How much am I looking at here?

I got my yellows through a friend of mine. He’s just starting out a new business and he actually gave me the best shipped price I saw from a dealer anywhere. Go to www.fastlanetuning.com and send him an email. Tell him Eric with the g2 sent you.

If your going for cost affective I’m going to have to recommend Tokico Illuminas, Rota Attacks, spring/coilover setup of your choice, etc, etc. Why do I say Tokico Illuminas? Its simple really, compare the prices. Now, know that the performance doesn’t compare 100%, but it isn’t far from the same. I’ve ridden in a g3 with yellows and I ride on Tokico Illumina. On full stiff our cars ride very close together. And I know I’m not much worse than him in turning performance. On straightaways there’s hardly any difference at all. So, if cost is an objective, then switching to Illuminas is an easy $100 and trust me man, you would not regret them. I’m not gonna lead you in the wrong direction, just trying to help you keep your cash without compromising performance :slight_smile: ANY questions you got IM me at will.

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if u planning on droppping your car, you will need a camber kit or you will be buying tires every other month. Youre gonna want to go with Ingalls. Or make sure you get 3 degrees camber correction (i think thats good for a 4 inch drop). www.ingallseng.com

or talk to a friend of mine, hes got some
he sells em for like 130, tell him hatien@mail.com sent you