when getting an alignment done..

-do the rear camber kit first if using washers. leave a slight negative camber for performance. 3 washers (6-10mm) should do this anyways. just make sure the negative camber doesnt exceed the front. you want about 65% of the front, ie -1.2front, -.7rear.

-adjust the front camber by eye, its easy to get it close as the shop didnt even readjust mine (but still not the way i wanted it)

-choose a good shop. performance shop even. you want the adjuster to help you set it the way you want it as far as camber and toe. i made the mistake of just letting them do whatever, and noticed that its totally NOT how i want it and have to do it again, even tho they of course set them within honda’s limits.

-remind them to torque your camber kit to spec- 22ft-lb i believe for ingalls kits (the shop owner laughed at me and asked why i care. i said cuz thats what the manufacturer suggests. he said, oh dont worry, we just make sure your wheels dont fall off. i was not a happy camper.)

-empty your car of any weight that might throw the readings off

-rotate your front tires if they are balding to the rear

-remember to get a printout copy for reference if you decide to change your settings later.

-decide what your driving style is like and what priorities you want beforehand i.e. hard cornering, more understeer vs. oversteer, tire wear vs. traction, torque steer etc.

here’s a good read, you can skip down to the alignment section