where 2 find tamiya paint?

I already did a search. Can anyone tell me where to find tamiya clear orange paint? i spent hours 2day driving around tryin to find it but no luck…I went to michaels and 3 other art supplies stores, I live in the los angeles area…

dont bother with that shit.

a much easier and better way to paint your lights is to use Krylons stained glass spray paint. Buy the yellow one. layering coats causes it to turn a beautiful orange.

no mixing, no brush marks, easy to spray. its the best way hands down.

I found mine at a small local hobby shop. The kind that has models, modifier kits, etc… Not a craft shop. Don’t use a brush though. Use one of those edged sponge things on a plastic handle. No brush marks. No brush cleaning.

Go to Tamiya’s website and look for dealers in you area. Then just call the number and see if they have it in stock. Here is a link to Tamiya dealers page.