where approximately is a powerband???

i have a question about powerbands. i want to get a header for my 91ls and i researched them and know that a 4-1 header puts your powerband in the upper powerband and a 4-2-1 header helps the “low to midrange” power. so my question is where, approximately, are these powerbands? i have my own ideas, but what does everyone else think?? thanx

mid-range would be about 3500-5000
upper would be 5000+

I agree.

but I would say midrange starts around 3000.

thanx, thats what i thought. with that in mind, im going to buy a 421 header. i drove my first autox and i was between 4k and 5k the whole time. and i know people are going to say “save ur money and learn to drive” so lets refrain from that please. thanx for the replies tho.

imo, 4000-6000rpm for midrange, and 6000-9000rpm for high end overall. i base this mostly by looking at the hp/torque curves of the b18a/b vs b18c. now dont confuse this when talking exclusively about one motor. if so, then just divide the rpm range by 3 to give the low/mid/high.